Industrial and Mechanical Design

This is a photo, not 3D rendering. We have awesome mechanical engineers!


The product design must deliver:

  • Security – This is the number one consideration for all physical features
  • Durability – While imperative that intentional attempts to open the device will render it inoperable, and its data irretrievable, it’s also critical that such events never happen by accident, such as due to dropping
  • Size – The goal is that neither physical dimensions nor weight make it inconvenient to carry
  • Premium look and feel – Plastic will be minimized in every possible way, including in the packaging

Design for Repair and Service

Disassembling the unit will erase all cryptographic keys, rendering encrypted user data inaccessible. You will have to regenerate an SSD key, and install a new system. That said, and because you should have backups of your data anyway, disassembly is possible provided you are careful and have a T8 screwdriver. We cannot assume liability if you were to break the shield or any other part while disassembling.

The screws are identical, black and of the same length to facilitate reassembly. They all have a Torx T8 head so you only need one screwdriver.

Colors, Materials, and Finishes

The design consists of: an OLED display behind black back-painted glass on top, with a second black back-painted glass bottom half. All is pressed together and held in place with four black anodized aluminum caps, screwed into place. The glass is heat formed, then machined and polished. One end cap will house a micro-HDMI connector with audio, with a molded lid. Two other end caps will house one USB C-type micro-USB connector each, with a molded lid.

Mechanical Operation and Interconnects

Final Assembly Fit


The enclosure is designed to provide sufficient protection to the internal circuitry and components from shock and vibration, and it is designed to meet all environmental requirements. It may be dust and water ingression protection rated IP53 due to inherent design features. This breaks down as resistant to sprayed water (“Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.”) and “dust protected” meaning that ingress is not prevented, but it cannot enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation. We pursue a good enough seal with the connector doors so that when all are closed, the unit will be at least splash resistant (IPX4).